Join The Winter Park Pines Community Association

Member Survey

Standard $50

Bronze $60

Silver $80

Gold $100

Your membership goes to help with:

Entrance Mall/Four Entry Pts to Neighborhood

-        Lawn Maintenance., Irrigation, Signage, Electricity


Strategic Monitoring of Traffic Flow/Safety Program

-        Contracting with Orange County Sheriff’s Office


Publishing Newsletter and Social Media Managing

-        Website, Newsletter, NextDoor, FaceBook, etc.


Beautification and Neighborhood Appeal Efforts

-        Entrance Decorating, Yard of Month Awards, etc.


Community Event Hosting

-        National Night Out, Community Garage Sale, Holiday events within Community


Law Enforcement and Resident Safety - New for 2019

-        Citizens on Patrol Increases awareness and cuts down deputy response time significantly


Quarterly House Warming Party for Member/Residents

-        A great introduction to allow new residents and members to get to know each other

Platinum $250 

Any Amount

Proposed Services/Benefits as Membership Increases above 40%


Installation of Traffic Calming Medians on Ranger, etc.

-        Would attempt to slow traffic in high speed areas


Installation of Fitness Stations along Cady Way Trail

-        Committing to fun and healthy lifestyle in the Pines

Member Resident Business Directory on Website

-        Would allow Member Residents to list their business and/or service to Pines Residents through our Website


We want your Feedback!

We welcome any and all suggestions, ideas, thoughts and comments.  Please, if you have anything that you think would add value or make our neighborhood a better place, please be sure to visit our website and submit your feedback on our Feedback page.