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On October 16, 1895 one hundred sixty acres of land was sold by the United States of America to John Cummings. Later, on October 24, 1905 three people became "stockholders" of the property and it was called The Overstreet Turpentine Company. The business operated turpentine farms which included cutting and selling timber. In 1923 it became the Overstreet Investment Company dealing in real estate and by the 1930's it was being used as a dairy farm. In the late 1950's Carroll Ward sold the property to Winter Park Pines, Ltd. Then, in February 1964 easements were granted and our community was designated "residential only" with lot numbers assigned. The VA and FHA approved the sales price of the lots. The county issued a "Notice of Commencement" to start building homes on October 18, 1965. * This historical information courtesy of Pat & Terry Elsasser. Pines residents since 1985.

Meet The Board

Ever wonder who serves on the Winter Park Pines Community Association Board? Want to know more about the people who volunteer their time to make sure our community stays safe, beautiful and fun? We hope these bios will allow you to get to know these individuals a little better.

Orange County - Citizen's on Patrol for Winter Park Pines

Your  Winter  Park  Pines  Orange  County  Sheriff’s Citizen on Patrol unit has patrolled the Pines more than80 hours in the month of April.  These patrols have been at   random   times   with  a  focus  on  “rush  hours”. However,  we  have  patrolled  at  most  every  time  slot including the middle of the night on a Friday night.  We have observed dramatic slowing of traffic when we are out along with nearly every driver using turn signals and coming to a complete stop at stop signs.  Feel free to flag us down and let us know of any concerns. Safety and security is all of our responsibility.  We have seen lots of homes who leave garage doors open and unattended  even  at  3AM.    This,  along  with  leaving items in your cars, is almost an invitation to steal. The Sheriff’s detectives tell us most thefts from garages and cars are crimes of opportunity. Many are committed by kids or young adults on foot or on bikes late at night or in the early morning hours. Most streets in the Pines only allow parking on one side of the street.  Some of the signs are down and we are in the process of  getting  them  replaced.    Cars  may  be  ticketed  if  parked  on  the  no  parking  side.  It  is  also  illegal  to  park  blocking  the sidewalks.  We wrote about 50% less tickets in April and hope that means more people are complying with our traffic rules and  regulations.  Code  violations,  however,  were  up  from  last  month  so  this  may  be  an  area  for  people  to  try  to  be  in compliance.  

Please go to  https://www.ocso.com/Portals/0/PDFs/Guide_to_Parking_Enforcement_0713.pdf   for   more information on parking regulations from Orange County.

We have four Officers trained and authorized to patrol the Pines. They are Janell Ray,  Fran Frataccia and Jack Lokken.

Please  feel  free  to  reach  out  to  me  on  NextDoor  or  by  email

jacklokken@gmail.com ifyou have any questions, concerns or suggestions

If you see our volunteers out patrolling, give them a wave!