Notice of Annual Meeting


The Board of Directors of the Winter Park Pines Community Association has set the Annual and Regular Meetings of the membership of the Association for Wednesday October 14th, 2020 at 7:00pm. This meeting will be held virtually due to the effects of COVID-19. 


This meeting is for the election of Officers and Directors, Presentation of the annual report, adoption of the budget, and such other business as may properly come before the membership.  


All members and prospective members are welcome to attend.  To request a link to the Zoom meeting, send an email to WPPinesTreasurer@gmail.com, and include “Annual Meeting” in the subject line.

Orange County - Citizen's on Patrol for Winter Park Pines

We are pleased to share that we are celebrating one year of having YOUR Winter Park Pines volunteers providing safety and security patrols throughout the Pines.  A team of three dedicated volunteers attended over 20 hours of training to on take this responsibility.  Fran Fracchia and Janell Ray, along with Jack Lokken, the COP Leader,  patrol the streets of the Pines, at various times and days.  Some of their responsibilities include checking on homes while owners are out of town, supporting neighborhood events with Aloma Elementary School and Orange County Sheriff’s Office, while also reminding walkers, riders, skaters, etc. to use the crossing lights to cross busy streets on Cady Way Trail and being visible to help reduce Crime and speeding. 


Prior to the COP program in the Pines, WPPCA was paying off-duty Orange County Sheriff’s Office deputies to patrol; however, the cost kept increasing eventually reaching $50 per hour.  Until April 2019, the off-duty OCSO were paid to patrol 16 hours per month, costing the WPPCA $9,600 per year in expenses.  Since beginning our program in January 2019, we are no longer funding off-duty patrols and our WPP COP’s have provided 727.5 patrol hours of service.  At the $50 per hour rate of OCSO, the COP volunteers are saving WPPCA $36,375.


That is a lot of hours for only 3 people!  Just think if we had MORE volunteers, how many more hours of coverage we can provide and how much safer WPP would be?


WE NEED YOUR HELP!  We are a community of people of all ages with a good number of the residents retired or semi-retired.  Time to get off the couch and help your neighborhood.  How about stepping up to help out.  All volunteers must be able to pass a background check and drug test, have a complete physical and pass a driving test (all provided by OCSO).    


The WPP COP’s are working hard to decrease speeding by sitting on Ranger at various locations for awareness and also hanging near the Cady Way Trail crosswalks to remind everyone to push the button to active the crossing signals.  This is for both the safety of the person crossing the street and the vehicles along the roadway.


One of the biggest thrills we receive on our patrols is seeing young children stop and wave at the patrol car - many times getting a siren “hello” back! 


INTERESTED??  Contact Jack Lokken, 407-312-0034/jacklokken@gmail.com


On October 16, 1895 one hundred sixty acres of land was sold by the United States of America to John Cummings. Later, on October 24, 1905 three people became "stockholders" of the property and it was called The Overstreet Turpentine Company. The business operated turpentine farms which included cutting and selling timber. In 1923 it became the Overstreet Investment Company dealing in real estate and by the 1930's it was being used as a dairy farm. In the late 1950's Carroll Ward sold the property to Winter Park Pines, Ltd. Then, in February 1964 easements were granted and our community was designated "residential only" with lot numbers assigned. The VA and FHA approved the sales price of the lots. The county issued a "Notice of Commencement" to start building homes on October 18, 1965. * This historical information courtesy of Pat & Terry Elsasser. Pines residents since 1985.

Meet The Board

Ever wonder who serves on the Winter Park Pines Community Association Board? Want to know more about the people who volunteer their time to make sure our community stays safe, beautiful and fun? We hope these bios will allow you to get to know these individuals a little better.

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