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Front Entrance Wall and Sign

As most of you know our beautiful Winter Park Pines front entrance wall and sign at the intersection of N. Ranger and Aloma was destroyed by a car accident on May 4th. Without delay the WPPCA board of directors appointed a committee to supervise the demolition and rebuilding of the sign.  This committee is composed of David Ray (Chair), Ben Taylor, Jessica Hazard, Jack Lokken, George Huddleston, Fran Frataccia, Fran Wyatt, Peter Mason, Beau Wingfield, Janell Ray and Stephanie D’Amico.  

The committee received bids for the demolition and the repair of the irrigation system. Once deciding we supervised the repairs, had mulch laid down and put a temporary sign up.  The committee then turned their direction to pick replacement signage and wall.  Twelve designs were submitted, all with good possibilities. In turn these designs were narrowed down to four. The top four choices were then sent to the board and narrowed down to two (see insert for details and information).  We have received bids from three vendors for the replacement and are presently negotiating with the insurance company and the car owner.  

We will update this information periodically.

Option 1

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Option 2

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